African American Church Evangelism Institute

M.A. in Ministry Leadership

You are invited to join a specialized cohort at Wheaton College in our Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree program specifically for pastors from our African American Church Evangelism Institute cohorts. Pastoral leadership roles have reached a stage of complexity that warrants advanced study and preparation. This degree fosters a holistic development of spiritual maturity, theological integration, and skilled leadership for leaders in missions.

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership is rich in both knowledge and practice. The core of the curriculum focuses on three competency areas: Bible and theology, mission, and leadership. The cohort model allows leaders in the same ministry field to learn from one another, network, and encourage each other. The collaboration that you will experience in the African American Church Evangelism Institute academic cohort will increase your learning and facilitate the application of classroom material directly to your work as a pastor.

In this modular program of online and in-person courses, you’ll network and work alongside like-minded pastors in your cohort and be empowered to infuse classroom knowledge and insights back into your church contexts. Thanks to the flexible learning format, you can do all this while continuing in ministry leadership. We hold week-long classes at Wheaton College twice a year. and the remainder of the courses are completed online.

Your in-person intensive will be a week of study and work to round out your African American Church Evangelism Institute cohort experience so you can get 10 free credits toward your degree. That is 25% of your Masters degree for free as a result of your participation in the African American Church Evangelism Institute cohort.

We also want to make this program more affordable, so we are offering a 25% tuition reduction for students who join the African American Church Evangelism Institute academic cohort of 15+ students. That means that, with the 10 free credits you get, PLUS the 25% discount for the rest of your courses through the academic cohort, you will get 50% off a Wheaton College Masters, a Masters that is recognized for excellence around the world. There may be other scholarship opportunities as well.

If you are interested in learning more about our African American Church Evangelism Institute Master’s Degree Cohort, let us know by contacting us at for more information or click here to visit us online. Just so you know, you will need to have gotten a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent before you can be accepted into the Masters.

To see other program requirements click here.

Wheaton College

The Cohort equipped me with practical tools that challenged me to increase my evangelism efforts with people in my circles of influence. In turn, I have equipped our leadership team with these same tools, and we are experiencing and hearing about more spiritual conversations and outreach efforts to make disciples that make disciples for God’s glory."