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Think Tank on City-Based Networks and Collaboration

On July 22-23, 2021, the Send Institute Missiologist Council held a two-day summit to discuss and develop a framework for how to create effective city-based networks and collaborative strategies across North American cities. We will use this framework at this…

PlanterMatch: No One Plants Alone

No one should plant alone. Church planting is one of the most difficult and lonely callings there is. Over and over I meet aspiring church planters who have a heart to plant but are isolated. They’re not being sent out…

What Should We Be Measuring in Ministry?

Apples and Oranges? For some time now a conversation has been floating at the edge of denominational and church consulting circles. What should we be measuring? There is a fairly strong agreement that we are measuring the wrong things in…


The Past, Present, and Future of the Missional Movement: Are we doing enough to help young leaders?

Are we doing enough to help young church leaders take the Missional Movement forward? Daniel Yang hosts a conversation with Ed Stetzer and Alan Hirsch regarding the crucial topic of helping the next generation of leaders understand the Missional Church…

Ed’s Advice to Emerging Thought Leaders

Ed speaks honestly to emerging thought leaders about what is essential in leading the conversation around mission and church planting for the future.

Alan’s Advice to Emerging Thought Leaders

Alan wants to help emerging thought leaders think better about the future of the church, mission, and church planting.


COVID-19’s Burden on the Black and Brown Church

I have been home since March 13, 2020, a few days before the government called for “sheltering in place” nationwide. That is a total of eight weeks (two months). On certain days, I wake up with anxiety or a terrible,…

[WATCH] Ready or Not? The Urgent Missional Response to C19.

Watch Now! We’ve made it through the first weekend of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) here in North America. For most churches, that meant seismic changes happened as all traditional programming shut down. What’s becoming more clear is this crisis…

Seven Benefits to the Coming Opposition

Seven Benefits to the Coming Opposition The power of God’s kingdom flows exclusively through yielded human weakness. JEFF CHRISTOPHERSON Will the church in North America face an increasing spirit of hostility to its accustomed status of cultural privilege? Absolutely. The…

How Secularity Will Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom

How Secularity Will Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom Religious pluralism has provided space for the Gospel to be heard. Things aren’t always as they appear. The rose-colored glasses with which we look at our religious past often artificially and…

Send Institute Most Read Articles of 2018

Send Institute Most Read Articles of 2018 At the Send Institute, we have a goal to provide dependable research, content, and learning communities for church planting leaders as they create more effective church planting strategies for today and tomorrow. Looking back…

Kingdom Patriotism

Kingdom Patriotism When we are captivated by the great treasure of Christ and his Kingdom, we’re positioned to winsomely invite others to join us. Perhaps the most insidious error of the church in North America has little to do with…

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